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Links for 2013-07-10

  • small town council in Oz has been snooping on mobile phone records to catch litterbugs and owners of unregistered pets

    Privacy advocates have slammed Wyndham council for spying on residents’ mobile phone data and email records almost 50 times in the past three years, “not to hunt down terrorists but to catch litterbugs and owners of unregistered pets”. Figures from the attorney-general’s department reveal Wyndham is the only Victorian council that has been snooping on personal data, seizing residents’ information 31 times during 2010-11 and 2011-12. Council’s acting chief executive Kelly Grigsby told the Weekly there had been another 18 authorisations in the past 12 months to chase people for unauthorised advertising, unregistered pets and illegal littering.

    (tags: victoria australia oz privacy snooping data-retention metadata overreach)

  • Traditional AQM is not enough!

    Jim Gettys on modern web design, HTTP, buffering, and FIFO queues in the network.

    Web surfing is putting impulses of packets, without congestion avoidance, into FIFO queues where they do severe collateral damage to anything sharing the link (including itself!). So today’s web behavior incurs huge collateral damage on itself, data centers, the edge of the network, and in particular any application that hopes to have real time behavior. How do we solve this problem?
    tl;dr: fq_codel. Now I want it!

    (tags: buffering networking internet web http protocols tcp bufferbloat jim-gettys codel fq_codel)

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