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Links for 2013-07-18

  • Docker

    ‘the Linux container engine’. I totally misunderstood what Docker was — this is cool.

    Heterogeneous payloads: Any combination of binaries, libraries, configuration files, scripts, virtualenvs, jars, gems, tarballs, you name it. No more juggling between domain-specific tools. Docker can deploy and run them all. Any server: Docker can run on any x64 machine with a modern linux kernel – whether it’s a laptop, a bare metal server or a VM. This makes it perfect for multi-cloud deployments. Isolation: Docker isolates processes from each other and from the underlying host, using lightweight containers. Repeatability: Because each container is isolated in its own filesystem, they behave the same regardless of where, when, and alongside what they run.

    (tags: lxc containers virtualization cloud ops linux docker deployment)

  • Next Generation Continuous Integration & Deployment with dotCloud’s Docker and Strider

    Since Docker treats it’s images as a tree of derivations from a source image, you have the ability to store an image at each stage of a build. This means we can provide full binary images of the environment in which the tests failed. This allows you to run locally bit-for-bit the same container as the CI server ran. Due to the magic of Docker and AUFS Copy-On-Write filesystems, we can store this cheaply. Often tests pass when built in a CI environment, but when built in another (e.g. production) environment break due to subtle differences. Docker makes it trivial to take exactly the binary environment in which the tests pass, and ship that to production to run it.

    (tags: docker strider continuous-integration continuous-deployment deployment devops ops dotcloud lxc virtualisation copy-on-write images)

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