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Links for 2013-07-31

  • Python Infrastructure Status – SSL Verification Errors on PyPI

    There appears to be a problem affecting a number of users where SSL verification errors will be shown saying “” does not match “”. As Best we can tell this appears to be related to the ISP. It seems to be affecting folks using O2 or O2 related companies. We’ve also reports of it affecting people using Free. Cause appears to be one of the IP addresses returned in the Geo DNS for Europe returning a certificate for It’s not clear at this time *why* that IP address is returning a certificate for
    Turned out to be a routing loop in the London POP (via Mick Twomey)

    (tags: via:micktwomey o2 censorship filtering internet ssl tls pypi python geodns pki)

  • “Toxic” behaviour in games is largely from “usually good” people

    Only 5% of toxic behavior comes from toxic people; 77% of it comes from people who are usually good. That finding has all sorts of implications for how to stop toxic behavior in an online community. It’s not enough to just ban the jerks; good people have bad days too. Instead you have to teach the whole community what the community standards are. And quickly identify people who are having a bad day, intervene before their toxicity infects too many other people.
    Great post by Nelson.

    (tags: gaming toxic bad-behaviour trolls abuse online games league-of-legends)