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Links for 2013-09-14

  • Google swaps out MySQL, moves to MariaDB

    When we asked Sallner to quantify the scale of the migration he said, “They’re moving it all. Everything they have. All of the MySQL servers are moving to MariaDB, as far as I understand.” By moving to MariaDB, Google can free itself of any dependence on technology dictated by Oracle – a company whose motivations are unclear, and whose track record for working with the wider technology community is dicey, to say the least. Oracle has controlled MySQL since its acquisition of Sun in 2010, and the key InnoDB storage engine since it got ahold of Innobase in 2005. […] We asked Cole why Google would shift from MySQL to MariaDB, and what the key technical differences between the systems were. “From my perspective, they’re more or less equivalent other than if you look at specific features and how they implement them,” Cole said, speaking in a personal capacity and not on behalf of Google. “Ideologically there are lots of differences.”
    So — AWS, when will RDS offer MariaDB as an option?

    (tags: google mysql mariadb sql open-source licensing databases storage innodb oracle)

  • FBI Admits It Controlled Tor Servers Behind Mass Malware Attack

    The code’s behavior, and the command-and-control server’s Virginia placement, is also consistent with what’s known about the FBI’s “computer and internet protocol address verifier,” or CIPAV, the law enforcement spyware first reported by WIRED in 2007. Court documents and FBI files released under the FOIA have described the CIPAV as software the FBI can deliver through a browser exploit to gather information from the target’s machine and send it to an FBI server in Virginia. The FBI has been using the CIPAV since 2002 against hackers, online sexual predators, extortionists, and others, primarily to identify suspects who are disguising their location using proxy servers or anonymity services, like Tor. Prior to the Freedom Hosting attack, the code had been used sparingly, which kept it from leaking out and being analyzed.

    (tags: cipav fbi tor malware spyware security wired)

  • Creating Flight Recordings

    lots more detail on the new “Java Mission Control” feature in Hotspot 7u40 JVMs, and how to use it to start and stop profiling in a live, production JVM from a separate “jcmd” command-line client. If the overhead is small, this could be really neat — turn on profiling for 1 minute every hour on a single instance, and collect realtime production profile data on an automated basis for post-facto analysis if required

    (tags: instrumentation logging profiling java jvm ops)

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