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Links for 2013-10-15

  • How to Read a Scientific Paper (About That Researcher With a Nematode in His Mouth) – Wired Science

    Let’s rewind to September 2012. It was about then- according to this recently published report (paywall) in The American Journal of Tropical Medicine – that an “otherwise healthy, 36-year-old man” felt a rough patch in his mouth, a scaly little area his right cheek. It didn’t hurt. But then it didn’t stay there either. He started testing for it with his tongue. It traveled. It moved to the back of his mouth, then forward, coiled backwards again. In the language of science: “These rough patches would appear and disappear on a daily basis, giving the patient the indirect sense that there was an organism moving within the oral cavity.”

    (tags: nematodes parasites biology medicine paper gross funny wired mouth)

  • “High Performance Browser Networking”, by Ilya Grigorik, read online for free

    Wow, this looks excellent. A must-read for people working on systems with high-volume, low-latency phone-to-server communications — and free!

    How prepared are you to build fast and efficient web applications? This eloquent book provides what every web developer should know about the network, from fundamental limitations that affect performance to major innovations for building even more powerful browser applications—including HTTP 2.0 and XHR improvements, Server-Sent Events (SSE), WebSocket, and WebRTC. Author Ilya Grigorik, a web performance engineer at Google, demonstrates performance optimization best practices for TCP, UDP, and TLS protocols, and explains unique wireless and mobile network optimization requirements. You’ll then dive into performance characteristics of technologies such as HTTP 2.0, client-side network scripting with XHR, real-time streaming with SSE and WebSocket, and P2P communication with WebRTC. Deliver optimal TCP, UDP, and TLS performance; Optimize network performance over 3G/4G mobile networks; Develop fast and energy-efficient mobile applications; Address bottlenecks in HTTP 1.x and other browser protocols; Plan for and deliver the best HTTP 2.0 performance; Enable efficient real-time streaming in the browser; Create efficient peer-to-peer videoconferencing and low-latency applications with real-time WebRTC transports
    Via Eoin Brazil.

    (tags: book browser networking performance phones mobile 3g 4g hsdpa http udp tls ssl latency webrtc websockets ebooks via:eoin-brazil google http2 sse xhr ilya-grigorik)

  • Even the NSA is finding it hard to cope with spam

    3 new Snowden leaks, covering acquisition of Yahoo address books, buddy lists, and email account activity, and how spammer activity required intervention to avoid losing useful data in the noise

    (tags: spam spammers nsa snowden leaks anti-spam yahoo im mail)

  • “What Should I Monitor?”

    slides (lots of slides) from Baron Schwartz’ talk at Velocity in NYC.

    (tags: slides monitoring metrics ops devops baron-schwartz pdf capacity)