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Links for 2014-02-03


    zero-install, one-click video chat, using WebRTC. nifty

    (tags: conference webrtc chat collaboration video google-chrome conferencing)

  • Opinion: How can we get over ‘Pantigate’?

    The fact that RTÉ had agreed to pay damages (€80,000 in total, according to reports yesterday) to the ‘injured parties’, only came to light in an email from the [far-right Catholic lobby group Iona Institute] to its members last Tuesday. Given the ramifications of the decision to make any kind of payment – regardless of the amount – both for the TV licence payer and those who voice contrarian opinions, the lack of coverage in print media as soon as the Iona email came to light marked a low point for print journalism in Ireland. Aside from a lead story on the damages printed in this paper last Wednesday and ongoing debate online, the media has been glacially slow with commentary and even reportage of the affair. The debacle has untold ramifications for public life in this country. That many liberal commentators may now baulk at the opportunity to speak and write openly and honestly about homophobia is the most obvious issue here. Most worrying of all, however, is the question that with a referendum on the introduction of gay marriage on the horizon, how can we expect the national broadcaster to facilitate even-handed debate on the subject when they’ve already found themselves cowed before reaching the first hurdle?

    (tags: homophobia politics ireland libel dissent lobbying defamation law gay-marriage iona-institute journalism newspapers)

  • Home · linkedin/ Wiki is a REST+JSON framework for building robust, scalable service architectures using dynamic discovery and simple asynchronous APIs. fills a niche for building RESTful service architectures at scale, offering a developer workflow for defining data and REST APIs that promotes uniform interfaces, consistent data modeling, type-safety, and compatibility checked API evolution.
    The new underlying comms layer for Voldemort, it seems.

    (tags: voldemort d2 linkedin json rest http api frameworks java)

  • Hardened SSL Ciphers Using ELB and HAProxy

    ELBs support the PROXY protocol

    (tags: elb security proxying ssl tls https haproxy perfect-forward-secrecy aws ec2)

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