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Links for 2014-02-12

  • Migrating from MongoDB to Cassandra

    Interesting side-effect of using LUKS for full-disk encryption: ‘For every disk read, we were pulling in 3MB of data (RA is sectors, SSZ is sector size, 6144*512=3145728 bytes) into cache. Oops. Not only were we doing tons of extra work, but we were trashing our page cache too. The default for the device-mapper used by LUKS under Ubuntu 12.04LTS is incredibly sub-optimal for database usage, especially our usage of Cassandra (more small random reads vs. large rows). We turned this down to 128 sectors — 64KB.’

    (tags: cassandra luks raid linux tuning ops blockdev disks sdd)

  • SpamAssassin 3.4.0 released

    Good to see the guys cracking on without me ;) ‘2014-02-11: SpamAssassin 3.4.0 has been released adding native support for IPv6, improved DNS Blocklist technology and support for massively-scalable Bayesian filtering using the Redis backend.’

    (tags: antispam open-source spamassassin apache)

  • 193_Cellxion_Brochure_UGX Series 330

    The Cellxion UGX Series 330 is a ‘transportable Dual GSM/Triple UMTS Firewall and Analysis Tool’ — ie. an IMSI catcher in a briefcase, capable of catching IMSI/IMEIs in 3G. It even supports configurable signal strength. Made in the UK

    (tags: cellxion imsi-catchers imei surveillance gsocgate gsm 3g mobile-phones security spying)