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Links for 2014-03-21

  • Microsoft “Scroogles” Itself

    ‘Microsoft went through a blogger’s private Hotmail account in order to trace the identity of a source who allegedly leaked trade secrets.’ Bear in mind that the alleged violation which MS allege allows them to read their email was a breach of the terms of service, which also include distribution of content which ‘incites, advocates, or expresses pornography, obscenity, vulgarity, [or] profanity’. So no dirty jokes on Hotmail!

    (tags: hotmail fail scroogled microsoft stupid tos law privacy data-protection trade-secrets ip)

  • Theresa May warns Yahoo that its move to Dublin is a security worry

    Y! is moving to Dublin to evade GCHQ spying on its users. And what is the UK response?

    “There are concerns in the Home Office about how Ripa will apply to Yahoo once it has moved its headquarters to Dublin,” said a Whitehall source. “The home secretary asked to see officials from Yahoo because in Dublin they don’t have equivalent laws to Ripa. This could particularly affect investigations led by Scotland Yard and the national crime agency. They regard this as a very serious issue.”
    There’s priorities for you!

    (tags: ripa gchq guardian uk privacy data-protection ireland dublin london spying surveillance yahoo)

  • A Look At Airbnb’s Irish Pub-Inspired Office In Dublin –

    Very nice, Airbnb!

    (tags: airbnb design offices work pubs ireland dublin)

  • Internet Tolls And The Case For Strong Net Neutrality

    Netflix CEO Reed Hastings blogs about the need for Net Neutrality:

    Interestingly, there is one special case where no-fee interconnection is embraced by the big ISPs — when they are connecting among themselves. They argue this is because roughly the same amount of data comes and goes between their networks. But when we ask them if we too would qualify for no-fee interconnect if we changed our service to upload as much data as we download** — thus filling their upstream networks and nearly doubling our total traffic — there is an uncomfortable silence. That’s because the ISP argument isn’t sensible. Big ISPs aren’t paying money to services like online backup that generate more upstream than downstream traffic. Data direction, in other words, has nothing to do with costs. ISPs around the world are investing in high-speed Internet and most already practice strong net neutrality. With strong net neutrality, new services requiring high-speed Internet can emerge and become popular, spurring even more demand for the lucrative high-speed packages ISPs offer. With strong net neutrality, everyone avoids the kind of brinkmanship over blackouts that plague the cable industry and harms consumers. As the Wall Street Journal chart shows, we’re already getting to the brownout stage. Consumers deserve better.

    (tags: consumer net-neutrality comcast netflix protectionism cartels isps us congestion capacity)

  • Micro jitter, busy waiting and binding CPUs

    pinning threads to CPUs to reduce jitter and latency. Lots of graphs and measurements from Peter Lawrey

    (tags: pinning threads performance latency jitter tuning)

  • The Day Today – Pool Supervisor – YouTube

    “in 1979, no-one died. in 1980, some one died. in 1981, no-one died. in 1982, no-one died. … I could go on”

    (tags: the-day-today no-one-died safety pool supervisor tricky-word-puzzles funny humour classic video)

  • The colossal arrogance of Newsweek’s Bitcoin “scoop” | Ars Technica

    Many aspects of the story already look like a caricature of journalism gone awry. The man Goodman fingered as being worth $400 million or more is just as modest as his house suggests. He’s had a stroke and struggles with other health issues. Unemployed since 2001, he strives to take care of basic needs for himself and his 93-year-old mother, according to a reddit post by his brother Arthur Nakamoto (whom Goodman quoted as calling his brother an “asshole”). If Goodman has mystery evidence supporting the Dorian Nakamoto theory, it should have been revealed days ago. Otherwise, Newsweek and Goodman are delaying an inevitable comeuppance and doubling down on past mistakes. Nakamoto’s multiple denials on the record have changed the dynamic of the story. Standing by the story, at this point, is an attack on him and his credibility. The Dorian Nakamoto story is a “Dewey beats Truman” moment for the Internet age, with all of the hubris and none of the humor. It shouldn’t be allowed to end in the mists of “he said, she said.” Whether or not a lawsuit gets filed, Nakamoto v. Newsweek faces an imminent verdict in the court of public opinion: either the man is lying or the magazine is wrong.

    (tags: dorian-nakamoto newsweek journalism bitcoin privacy satoshi-nakamoto)

  • Papa’s Maze | spoon & tamago

    While going through her papa’s old belongings, a young girl discovered something incredible – a mind-bogglingly intricate maze that her father had drawn by hand 30 years ago. While working as a school janitor it had taken him 7 years to produce the piece, only for it to be forgotten about… until now.
    34″ x 24″ print, $40

    (tags: mazes art prints weird papas-maze japan)

  • Continuous Delivery with ETL Systems

    Lonely Planet and Dr Foster Intelligence both make heavy use of ETL in their products, and both organisations have applied the principles of Continuous Delivery to their delivery process. Some of the Continuous Delivery norms need to be adapted in the context of ETL, and some interesting patterns emerge, such as running Continuous Integration against data, as well as code.

    (tags: etl video presentations lonely-planet dr-foster-intelligence continuous-delivery deployment pipelines)

  • The MtGox 500

    ‘On March 9th a group posted a data leak, which included the trading history of all MtGox users from April 2011 to November 2013. The graphs below explore the trade behaviors of the 500 highest volume MtGox users from the leaked data set. These are the Bitcoin barons, wealthy speculators, dueling algorithms, greater fools, and many more who took bitcoin to the moon.’

    (tags: dataviz stamen bitcoin data leaks mtgox greater-fools)

  • What We Know 2/5/14: The Mt. Chiliad Mystery

    hats off to Rockstar — GTA V has a great mystery mural with clues dotted throughout the game, and it’s as-yet unsolved

    (tags: mysteries gaming via:hilary_w games gta gta-v rockstar mount-chiliad ufos)

  • Make Your Own 3-D Printer Filament From Old Milk Jugs

    Creating your own 3-D printer filament from old used milk jugs is exponentially cheaper, and uses considerably less energy, than buying new filament, according to new research from Michigan Technological University. […] The savings are really quite impressive — 99 cents on the dollar, in addition to the reduced use of energy. Interestingly (but again not surprisingly), the amount of energy used to ‘recycle’ the old milk jugs yourself is considerably less than that used in recycling such jugs conventionally.

    (tags: recycling 3d-printers printing tech plastic milk)

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