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Links for 2014-06-27

  • Sandymount Repair Cafe

    ‘A repair café brings together people with things that need fixin’ with people who have the skills to fix them in a social cafe style environment. It is an effort to move away from the throwaway culture that prevailed at the end of the twentieth century and move towards a more sustainable and enlightened approach to our relationship with consumer goods. Repair cafes are self organising events at a community level run by local volunteers with the support of local community groups, local agencies and other interested organisations. They are not-for-profit but not anti-profit and an important part of their goal is to promote local repair businesses and initiatives. is the online hub of a network of repair cafés across Ireland.’ Sounds interesting: says they’ll be doing it tomorrow from 2-5pm in Sandymount in Dublin.

    (tags: dublin sandymount repair fixing diy frugality repaircafe hardware)

  • Chef Vault

    A way to securely store secrets (auth details, API keys, etc.) in Chef

    (tags: chef storage knife authorisation api-keys security encryption)

  • Amazon EC2 Service Limits Report Now Available

    ‘designed to make it easier for you to view and manage your limits for Amazon EC2 by providing the latest information on service limits and links to quickly request limit increases. EC2 Service Limits Report displays all your service limit information in one place to help you avoid encountering limits on future EC2, EBS, Auto Scaling, and VPC usage.’

    (tags: aws ec2 vpc ebs autoscaling limits ops)

  • Delivery Notifications for Simple Email Service

    Today we are enhancing SES with the addition of delivery notifications. You can now elect to receive an Amazon SNS notification each time SES successfully delivers a message to a recipient’s email server. These notifications give you increased visibility into the mail delivery process. With today’s release, you can now track deliveries, bounces, and complaints, all via notification to the SNS topic or topics of your choice.

    (tags: delivery email smtp ses aws sns notifications ops)

  • How Emoji Get Lost In Translation

    I recently texted a friend to say how I was excited to meet her new boyfriend, and, because “excited” doesn’t look so exciting on an iPhone screen, I editorialized with what seemed then like an innocent “[dancer]”. (Translation: Can’t wait for the fun night out!) On an Android phone, I realized later, that panache would have been a put-down: The dancers become “[playboy bunny].” (Translation: You’re a Playboy bunny who gets around!)

    (tags: emoji icons graphics text speech phones)

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