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Links for 2014-07-08

  • #BPjMleak

    ‘Leak of the secret German Internet Censorship URL blacklist BPjM-Modul’. Turns out there’s a blocklist of adult-only or prohibited domains issued by a German government department, The Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons (German: “Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien” or BPjM), issued in the form of a list of hashes of those domains. These were extracted from an AVM router, then the hashes were brute forced using several other plaintext URL blocklists and domain lists. Needless to say, there’s an assortment of silly false positives, such as the listing of the website for the 1997 3D Realms game “Shadow Warrior”:

    (tags: hashes reversing reverse-engineering germany german bpjm filtering blocklists blacklists avm domains censorship fps)

  • Brave Men Take Paternity Leave – Gretchen Gavett – Harvard Business Review

    The use of paternity leave has a “snowball effect”:

    In the end, Dahl says, “coworkers and brothers who were linked to a father who had his child immediately after the [Norwegian paid paternity leave] reform — versus immediately before the reform — were 3.5% and 4.7% more likely, respectively, to take parental leave.” But when a coworker actually takes parental leave, “the next coworker to have a child at his workplace is 11% more likely to take paternity leave.” Slightly more pronounced, the next brother to have a child is 15% more likely to take time off. And while any male coworker taking leave can reduce stigma, the effect of a manager doing so is more profound. Specifically, “the estimated peer effect is over two and a half times larger if the peer father is predicted to be a manager in the firm as opposed to a regular coworker.”

    (tags: paternity-leave parenting leave work norway research)

  • “The Tail at Scale”

    by Jeffrey Dean and Luiz Andre Barroso, Google. A selection of Google’s architectural mechanisms used to defeat 99th-percentile latency spikes: hedged requests, tied requests, micro-partitioning, selective replication, latency-induced probation, canary requests.

    (tags: google architecture distcomp soa http partitioning replication latency 99th-percentile canary-requests hedged-requests)

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