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Links for 2014-07-22

  • Metrics-Driven Development

    we believe MDD is equal parts engineering technique and cultural process. It separates the notion of monitoring from its traditional position of exclusivity as an operations thing and places it more appropriately next to its peers as an engineering process. Provided access to real-time production metrics relevant to them individually, both software engineers and operations engineers can validate hypotheses, assess problems, implement solutions, and improve future designs.
    Broken down into the following principles: ‘Instrumentation-as-Code’, ‘Single Source of Truth’, ‘Developers Curate Visualizations and Alerts’, ‘Alert on What You See’, ‘Show me the Graph’, ‘Don’t Measure Everything (YAGNI)’. We do all of these at Swrve, naturally (a technique I happily stole from Amazon).

    (tags: metrics coding graphite mdd instrumentation yagni alerting monitoring graphs)

  • Auto Scale DynamoDB With Dynamic DynamoDB

    Nicely-packaged auto-scaler for DynamoDB

    (tags: dynamodb autoscaling scalability provisioning aws ec2 cloudformation)