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Links for 2014-09-27

  • La Maison des Amis

    Paul Hickey’s gite near Toulouse, available for rent! ‘a beautifully converted barn on 5 acres, wonderfully located in the French countryside. 4 Bedrooms, sleeps 2-10, Large Pool, Tennis Court, Large Trampoline, Broadband Internet, 30 Mins Toulouse/Albi, 65 Mins Carcassonne, 90 Mins Rodez’

    (tags: ex-iona gites france holidays vacation-rentals vacation hotels)

  • waxpancake on Ello

    The Ello founders are positioning it as an alternative to other social networks — they won’t sell your data or show you ads. “You are not the product.” If they were independently-funded and run as some sort of co-op, bootstrapped until profitable, maybe that’s plausible. Hard, but possible. But VCs don’t give money out of goodwill, and taking VC funding — even seed funding — creates outside pressures that shape the inevitable direction of a company.

    (tags: advertising money vc ello waxy funding series-a)

  • Inviso: Visualizing Hadoop Performance

    With the increasing size and complexity of Hadoop deployments, being able to locate and understand performance is key to running an efficient platform.  Inviso provides a convenient view of the inner workings of jobs and platform.  By simply overlaying a new view on existing infrastructure, Inviso can operate inside any Hadoop environment with a small footprint and provide easy access and insight.  
    This sounds pretty useful.

    (tags: inviso netflix hadoop emr performance ops tools)

  • The End of Linux

    ‘Linux is becoming the thing that we adopted Linux to get away from.’ Great post on the horrible complexity of systemd. It reminds me of nothing more than mid-90s AIX, which I had the displeasure of opsing for a while — the Linux distros have taken a very wrong turn here.

    (tags: linux unix complexity compatibility ops rant systemd bloat aix)