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Links for 2014-11-15

  • IAB Statement on Internet Confidentiality

    Newly designed protocols should prefer encryption to cleartext operation. There may be exceptions to this default, but it is important to recognize that protocols do not operate in isolation.  Information leaked by one protocol can be made part of a more substantial body of information by cross-correlation of traffic observation.  There are protocols which may as a result require encryption on the Internet even when it would not be a requirement for that protocol operating in isolation. We recommend that encryption be deployed throughout the protocol stack since there is not a single place within the stack where all kinds of communication can be protected.
    Wow. so much for IPSec

    (tags: ipsec iab ietf snowden surveillance crypto protocols internet)

  • Facebook’s datacenter fabric

    FB goes public with its take on the Clos network-based datacenter network architecture

    (tags: networking scaling facebook clos-networks fabrics datacenters network-architecture)

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