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Links for 2015-02-11

  • Automating Tinder with Eigenfaces

    While my friends were getting sucked into “swiping” all day on their phones with Tinder, I eventually got fed up and designed a piece of software that automates everything on Tinder.
    This is awesome. (via waxy)

    (tags: via:waxy tinder eigenfaces machine-learning k-nearest-neighbour algorithms automation ai)

  • RateLimitedLogger

    Our latest open source release from Swrve Labs: an Apache-licensed, SLF4J-compatible, simple, fluent API for rate-limited logging in Java: ‘A RateLimitedLog object tracks the rate of log message emission, imposes an internal rate limit, and will efficiently suppress logging if this is exceeded. When a log is suppressed, at the end of the limit period, another log message is output indicating how many log lines were suppressed. This style of rate limiting is the same as the one used by UNIX syslog; this means it should be comprehensible, easy to predict, and familiar to many users, unlike more complex adaptive rate limits.’ We’ve been using this in production for months — it’s pretty nifty ;) Never fear your logs again!

    (tags: logs logging coding java open-source swrve slf4j rate-limiting libraries)

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