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Links for 2015-03-07

  • A Zero-Administration Amazon Redshift Database Loader – AWS Big Data Blog


    (tags: lambda amazon aws redshift etl)

  • Archie Markup Language (ArchieML)

    ArchieML (or “AML”) was created at The New York Times to make it easier to write and edit structured text on deadline that could be rendered in web pages, or more specifically, rendered in interactive graphics. One of the main goals was to make it easy to tag text as data, without having type a lot of special characters. Another goal was to allow the document to contain lots of notes and draft text that would not be read into the data. And finally, because we make extensive use of Google Documents’s concurrent-editing features — while working on a graphic, we can have several reporters, editors and developers all pouring information into a single document — we wanted to have a format that could survive being edited by users who may never have seen ArchieML or any other markup language at all before.

    (tags: aml archie markup text nytimes archieml writing)

  • California Says Motorcycle Lane-Splitting Is Hella Safe

    A recent yearlong study by the California Office of Traffic Safety has found motorcycle lane-splitting to be a safe practice on public roads. The study looked at collisions involving 7836 motorcyclists reported by 80 police departments between August 2012 and August 2013. “What we learned is, if you lane-split in a safe or prudent manner, it is no more dangerous than motorcycling in any other circumstance,” state spokesman Chris Cochran told the Sacramento Bee. “If you are speeding or have a wide speed differential (with other traffic), that is where the fatalities came about.”

    (tags: lane-splitting cycling motorcycling bikes road-safety driving safety california)

  • Try Server

    Good terminology for this concept:

    The try server runs a similar configuration to the continuous integration server, except that it is triggered not on commits but on “try job request”, in order to test code pre-commit.
    See also for the Moz take on it.

    (tags: build ci integration try-server jenkins buildbot chromium development)

  • metrics-sql

    A Dropwizard Metrics extension to instrument JDBC resources and measure SQL execution times.

    (tags: metrics sql jdbc instrumentation dropwizard)

  • HP is trying to patent Continuous Delivery

    This is appalling bollocks from HP:

    On 1st March 2015 I discovered that in 2012 HP had filed a patent (WO2014027990) with the USPO for ‘Performance tests in a continuous deployment pipeline‘ (the patent was granted in 2014). [….] HP has filed several patents covering standard Continuous Delivery (CD) practices. You can help to have these patents revoked by providing ‘prior art’ examples on Stack Exchange.
    In fairness, though, this kind of shit happens in most big tech companies. This is what happens when you have a broken software patenting system, with big rewards for companies who obtain shitty troll patents like these, and in turn have companies who reward the engineers who sell themselves out to write up concepts which they know have prior art. Software patents are broken by design!

    (tags: cd devops hp continuous-deployment testing deployment performance patents swpats prior-art)

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