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Links for 2015-03-13

  • demonstration of the importance of server-side request timeouts

    from MongoDB, but similar issues often apply in many other TCP/HTTP-based systems

    (tags: tcp http requests timeout mongodb reliability safety)

  • Heka

    an open source stream processing software system developed by Mozilla. Heka is a “Swiss Army Knife” type tool for data processing, useful for a wide variety of different tasks, such as: Loading and parsing log files from a file system. Accepting statsd type metrics data for aggregation and forwarding to upstream time series data stores such as graphite or InfluxDB. Launching external processes to gather operational data from the local system. Performing real time analysis, graphing, and anomaly detection on any data flowing through the Heka pipeline. Shipping data from one location to another via the use of an external transport (such as AMQP) or directly (via TCP). Delivering processed data to one or more persistent data stores.
    Via feylya on twitter. Looks potentially nifty

    (tags: heka mozilla monitoring metrics via:feylya ops statsd graphite stream-processing)

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