Links for 2015-04-12

  • Data privacy is as important as tax, Google exec warns Noonan –

    Yep, that would be Google requesting more regulation ;)

    (tags: google regulation ireland privacy data-protection)

  • Russia just made a ton of Internet memes illegal – The Washington Post

    In post-Soviet Russia, you don’t make memes. Memes make (or unmake?) you. That is, at least, the only conclusion we can draw from an announcement made this week by Russia’s three-year-old media agency/Internet censor Roskomnadzor, which made it illegal to publish any Internet meme that depicts a public figure in a way that has nothing to do with his “personality.”

    (tags: memes photoshop russia freedom web internet funny humour roskomnadzor censorship sad-keanu)

  • OG-Commons/

    ‘Utilities that help bridge the gap between Java 8 and Google Guava. Guava has the [email protected] FluentIterable} concept which is similar to streams. In many ways, fluent iterable is nicer, because it directly binds to the immutable collection classes. However, on balance it seems wise to use the stream API rather than [email protected] FluentIterable} in Java 8.’

    (tags: guava java-8 java fluentiterable streams fluent coding)

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