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Links for 2015-07-27

  • Benchmarking GitHub Enterprise – GitHub Engineering

    Walkthrough of debugging connection timeouts in a load test. Nice graphs (using matplotlib)

    (tags: github listen-backlog tcp debugging timeouts load-testing benchmarking testing ops linux)

  • How .uk came to be (and why it’s not .gb)

    WB: By the late 80s the IANA [the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, set up in 1988 to manage global IP address allocations] was trying to get all those countries that were trying to join the internet to use the ISO 3166 standard for country codes. It was used for all sorts of things?—?you see it on cars, “GB” for the UK. […] At that point, we’re faced with a problem that Jon Postel would like to have changed it to .gb to be consistent with the rest of the world. Whereas .uk had already been established, with a few tens of thousands of domain names with .uk on them. I remember chairing one of the JANET net workshops that were held every year, and the Northern Irish were adamant that they were part of the UK?—?so the consensus was, we’d try and keep .uk, we’d park .gb and not use it. PK: I didn’t particularly want to change to .gb because I was responsible for Northern Ireland as well. And what’s more, there was a certain question as to whether a research group in the US should be allowed to tell the British what to do. So this argy-bargy continued for a little while and, in the meantime, one of my clients was the Ministry of Defence, and they decided they couldn’t wait this long, and they decided I was going to lose the battle, and so bits of MOD went over to .gb?—?I didn’t care, as I was running .gb and .uk in any case.

    (tags: dot-uk history internet dot-gb britain uk northern-ireland ireland janet)

  • That time the Internet sent a SWAT team to my mom’s house – Boing Boing

    The solution is for social media sites and the police to take threats or jokes about swatting, doxxing, and organized crime seriously. Tweeting about buying a gun and shooting up a school would be taken seriously, and so should the threat of raping, doxxing, swatting or killing someone. Privacy issues and online harassment are directly linked, and online harassment isn’t going anywhere. My fear is that, in reaction to online harassment, laws will be passed that will break down our civil freedoms and rights online, and that more surveillance will be sold to users under the guise of safety. More surveillance, however, would not have helped me or my mother. A platform that takes harassment and threats seriously instead of treating them like jokes would have.

    (tags: twitter gamergate 4chan 8chan privacy doxxing swatting harrassment threats social-media facebook law feminism)

  • Why Google’s Deep Dream Is Future Kitsch

    Deep Dream estranges us from our fears, perhaps, but it doesn’t make them go away. It’s easy to discuss Deep Dream as an independent creature, a foreign intelligence that we interact with for fun. Yet like all kitsch, it comes straight back to its creators.

    (tags: kitsch deep-dream art graphics google inceptionism)

  • It’s Not Climate Change?—?It’s Everything Change

    now this is a Long Read. the inimitable Margaret Atwood on climate change, beautifully illustrated

    (tags: climate climate-change margaret-atwood long-reads change life earth green future)

  • In Praise of the AK-47 — Dear Design Student — Medium

    While someone can certainly make the case that an AK-47, or any other kind of gun or rifle is designed, nothing whose primary purpose is to take away life can be said to be designed well. And that attempting to separate an object from its function in order to appreciate it for purely aesthetic reasons, or to be impressed by its minimal elegance, is a coward’s way of justifying the death they’ve designed into the word, and the money with which they’re lining their pockets.

    (tags: design ux ak-47 kalashnikov guns function work)