Links for 2015-08-23

  • Analysis of PS4’s security and the state of hacking

    FreeBSD jails and Return-Oriented Programming:

    Think of [Return-Oriented Programming] as writing a new chapter to a book, using only words that have appeared at the end of sentences in the previous chapters.

    (tags: ps4 freebsd jails security exploits hacking sony rop return-oriented-programming)

  • 10 Lesser-Known Cocktails You Should Be Drinking

    like the sound of some of these

    (tags: cocktails drinks recipes booze)

  • My wife found my email in the Ashley Madison database

    On misdirected emails and the potential side-effects:

    The reasons why these people give out my email instead of one that they can access have always been a bit mysterious to me. It’s one thing to save yourself some spam by using a throwaway address. But why use someone else’s for correspondence you actually want to receive? The closest I’ve come to a working theory is that a lot of them, having been slow off the mark to obtain their own gmail, have addresses like [email protected] Either they believe they can leave off the numbers and receive the messages anyway, or they often simply forget. That or the E. Ratliffs of the world just view [email protected] as some kind of shared resource.

    (tags: email mail ashley-madison gmail mistakes misdirected-email)

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