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Links for 2015-10-10

  • Outage postmortem (2015-10-08 UTC) : Stripe: Help & Support

    There was a breakdown in communication between the developer who requested the index migration and the database operator who deleted the old index. Instead of working on the migration together, they communicated in an implicit way through flawed tooling. The dashboard that surfaced the migration request was missing important context: the reason for the requested deletion, the dependency on another index’s creation, and the criticality of the index for API traffic. Indeed, the database operator didn’t have a way to check whether the index had recently been used for a query.
    Good demo of how the Etsy-style chatops deployment approach would have helped avoid this risk.

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  • net.wars: Unsafe harbor

    Wendy Grossman on where the Safe Harbor decision is leading.

    One clause would require European companies to tell their relevant data protection authorities if they are being compelled to turn over data – even if they have been forbidden to disclose this under US law. Sounds nice, but doesn’t mobilize the rock or soften the hard place, since companies will still have to pick a law to violate. I imagine the internal discussions there revolving around two questions: which violation is less likely to land the CEO in jail and which set of fines can we afford?
    (via Simon McGarr)

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    bookmarking as a potential future addition to the back garden

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