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Links for 2015-11-28

  • One of the Largest Hacks Yet Exposes Data on Hundreds of Thousands of Kids | Motherboard

    VTech got hacked, and millions of parents and 200,000 kids had their privacy breached as a result. Bottom line is summed up by this quote from one affected parent:

    “Why do you need know my address, why do you need to know all this information just so I can download a couple of free books for my kid on this silly pad thing? Why did they have all this information?”
    Quite. Better off simply not to have the data in the first place!

    (tags: vtech privacy data-protection data hacks)

  • Senior Anglo bondholders revealed in department note

    In case you were wondering who Ireland’s economy was wiped out for:

    Among the major holders were a Dutch pension fund, ABP; another Dutch fund, PGGM; LGPI in Finland, which manages local government pensions; and a Swiss public entities pension. A number of major asset managers were also named, including JP Morgan in London; DeKA and ADIG, two German investment managers; and Robeco from the Netherlands. Big insurance companies, including Munich Re, Llmarinen from Finland and German giant Axa were also named, along with big banks such as BNP, SocGen, ING and Deutsche.

    (tags: bondholders anglo economy ireland politics eu senior-bondholders)

  • Is Dublin Busy?

    a bunch of metrics for Dublin xmas-shopping capacity

    (tags: xmas dublin metrics design stats)

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