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Links for 2015-12-03

  • Introducing Netty-HTTP from Cask

    netty-http library solves [Netty usability issues] by using JAX-RS annotations to build a HTTP path routing layer on top of netty. In addition, the library implements a guava service to manage the HTTP service. netty-http allows users of the library to just focus on writing the business logic in HTTP handlers without having to worry about the complexities of path routing or learning netty pipeline internals to build the HTTP service.
    We’ve written something very similar, although I didn’t even bother supporting JAX-RS annotations — just a simple code-level DSL.

    (tags: jax-rs netty http cask java services coding)

  • The Locals Xmas Gift Guide 2015

    some nice local gift suggestions from small businesses around Dublin. I’d love to get some of these, but I guess I’ll have to settle for giving them instead ;)

    (tags: gifts dublin ireland shopping xmas christmas the-locals)

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