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Links for 2016-03-03

  • Protect me, I am the Donnybrook laundry

    Mannix Flynn makes a persuasive case to preserve the last remaining Magdalene Laundry still standing:

    Memory is something that fights an eternal battle with the passage of time and forgetfulness.  Time is a great healer for those who can heal and those who are offered healing.  There is no healing here. Time stands still like a festering wound in a well-to-do suburb as somebody attempts to erase a grave and mortal wrong. The McAleese report, the Justice for the Magdalenes, the hundreds of women still alive and their families should know of this place.  Should be present here to witness what can only be witnessed by them.  So that they can understand what’s lost, what cannot be given.  What was taken from them for generations.

    (tags: magdalenes injustice ireland history catholic-church abuse mannix-flynn)

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