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Links for 2016-05-01

  • CoreOS and Prometheus: Building monitoring for the next generation of cluster infrastructure

    Ooh, this is a great plan. :applause:

    Enabling GIFEE — Google Infrastructure for Everyone Else — is a primary mission at CoreOS, and open source is key to that goal. [….] Prometheus was initially created to handle monitoring and alerting in modern microservice architectures. It steadily grew to fit the wider idea of cloud native infrastructure. Though it was not intentional in the original design, Prometheus and Kubernetes conveniently share the key concept of identifying entities by labels, making the semantics of monitoring Kubernetes clusters simple. As we discussed previously on this blog, Prometheus metrics formed the basis of our analysis of Kubernetes scheduler performance, and led directly to improvements in that code. Metrics are essential not just to keep systems running, but also to analyze and improve application behavior. All things considered, Prometheus was an obvious choice for the next open source project CoreOS wanted to support and improve with internal developers committed to the code base.

    (tags: monitoring coreos prometheus metrics clustering ops gifee google kubernetes)

  • Let Them Make Noise: A ‘Dining Club’ Invites Toddlers –

    This is a great idea. I miss eating out, and this is why:

    Throughout our three-hour meal, babies cried, mothers nursed, toddlers shrieked and farro grains flew, but the atmosphere was surprisingly leisurely. There was no reason to be self-conscious about a crying-nursing-dancing child because everyone knew every other parent was in the same boat. Or would be in a few seconds. So we relaxed and ate. This is not fine dining as I once knew it, and that’s O.K. That’s what date night is for. But my daughter got her first lesson in how to behave at a fancy restaurant. And I got to finish a delicious meal while it was still warm, toddler in tow.

    (tags: kids food restaurants eating children toddlers)

  • Image Dithering: Eleven Algorithms and Source Code

    Nice demos

    (tags: algorithms graphics coding dithering floyd-steinberg)

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