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Links for 2016-05-05

  • Apple Stole My Music. No, Seriously.

    some amazingly terrible product decisions here. Deleting local copies of unreleased WAV files — on the assumption that the user will simply listen to them streamed down from Apple Music — that is astonishingly bad, and it’s amazing they didn’t consider the “freelance composer” use case at all. (via Tony Finch)

    (tags: apple music terrible wav sound copyright streaming apple-music design product fail)

  • Rebel Without A Call.

    Purpose-built in 1898, the telephone exchange in Temple Bar was Dublin’s first automatic telephone exchange. Much like its newer neighbor, Internet House, it stood as a technological beacon shining through the luddite fog. With this in mind the Irish Citizen Army targeted the Telephone Exchange in 1916 as one of the communication hubs for the island. While many of us grew up learning of a history of ‘blood sacrifice’ and the futility of the Easter Rising, the truth is that the attack was meticulously planned both militarily and logistically. Sixty communication points around Dublin were hit in an effort to cut off all contact between British military forces within Ireland and to the ‘mainland’. The hope being that reserves and reinforcements would be delayed or misinformed.[…] Unfortunately for the rebels they could not take the Temple Bar exchange. A failure that would prove disastrous.

    (tags: temple-bar history dublin telephones communications 1916)