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Links for 2016-05-30

  • Green/Blue Deployments with AWS Lambda and CloudFormation – done right

    Basically, use a Lambda to put all instances from an ASG into the ELB, then remove the old ASG

    (tags: asg elb aws lambda deployment ops blue-green-deploys)

  • Six Years of Hacker News Comments about Twilio

    love it.

    (tags: twilio hn hackernews funny tech)

  • fiunchinho/dockerize-me

    ‘Tired of copy/pasting Dockerfiles around? Not sure about best practices for Dockerfiles or Docker entry points? This tool lets you Dockerize your applications using best practices to define your Dockerfile and Docker entry point files.’ The best practices in question are defined here:

    (tags: docker dockerfile images build best-practices alpine containers)

  • grammarly/rocker

    backward compatible replacement for Dockerfile. Yes, you can take any Dockerfile, rename it to Rockerfile and use rocker build instead of docker build. … Rocker aims to solve the following use cases, which are painful with plain Docker: Mount reusable volumes on build stage, so dependency management tools may use cache between builds. Share ssh keys with build (for pulling private repos, etc.), while not leaving them in the resulting image. Build and run application in different images, be able to easily pass an artifact from one image to another, ideally have this logic in a single Dockerfile. Tag/Push images right from Dockerfiles. Pass variables from shell build command so they can be substituted to a Dockerfile. And more. These are the most critical issues that were blocking our adoption of Docker at Grammarly. The most challenging part is caching. While implementing those features seems to be not a big deal, it’s not trivial to do that just by utilising Docker’s image cache (the one that docker build does). Actually, it is the main reason why those features are still not in Docker. With Rocker we achieve this by introducing a set of trade-offs. Search this page for “trade-off” to find out more details.

    (tags: docker rocker build containers dockerfiles)

  • How big an issue is the nausea problem for Virtual Reality products? – Quora

    Sadly (because I want a “holodeck” as much as the next red-blooded geek) – I don’t think it’s possible to make a VR system that both delivers the experience that everyone wants – and doesn’t make a sizeable proportion of the population so sick that they’ll never want to do it again. For the people who can stomach the display – my major concern is that the US Navy studies show that there is some disorientation that might persist long after finishing your game…so driving a car while “under the influence” of post-VR disorientation is probably as dangerous as drunk-driving. If these devices are in pretty much every home – then there are huge problems in store for the industry in terms of product liability. There have been plenty of warnings from the flight simulation industry – there are no excuses for not reading the Wikipedia article on the subject. If people are driving “under the influence” and the VR companies didn’t warn them about that – then they’re in deep trouble. IMHO, these consumer-grade VR devices should be carefully studied and if they do cause possible driving impairment, they should be banned until such time as the problems can be fixed…which may very well be “never”. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
    (via Tony Finch)

    (tags: holodeck vr oculus-rift hmds nausea head-mounted-displays biology brain flight-simulation)

  • Why do Selenium-style record/replay tests of web applications break?

    good data! Mostly because of element locations it seems….

    (tags: selenium testing web locators papers qa tests)

  • LinkedIn called me a white supremacist

    Wow. Massive, massive algorithm fail.

    n the morning of May 12, LinkedIn, the networking site devoted to making professionals “more productive and successful,” emailed scores of my contacts and told them I’m a professional racist. It was one of those updates that LinkedIn regularly sends its users, algorithmically assembled missives about their connections’ appearances in the media. This one had the innocent-sounding subject, “News About William Johnson,” but once my connections clicked in, they saw a small photo of my grinning face, right above the headline “Trump put white nationalist on list of delegates.” […..] It turns out that when LinkedIn sends these update emails, people actually read them. So I was getting upset. Not only am I not a Nazi, I’m a Jewish socialist with family members who were imprisoned in concentration camps during World War II. Why was LinkedIn trolling me?

    (tags: ethics fail algorithm linkedin big-data racism libel)

  • [RFE] add a way to run in a new systemd scope automatically · Issue #428 · tmux/tmux

    omgwtfbbq. 1: User reports that their gnome session leaks processes; 2: systemd modifies default session behaviour to kill all processes, including screen/tmux; 3: _everyone_ complains because they break 30 years of UNIX process semantics, then 4: they request that tmux/screen hack their shit to workaround their brokenness. Get fucked, systemd. This is the kind of shit that would finally drive me to BSDland

    (tags: systemd horror linux fail unix gnome tmux bugs omgwtfbbq)