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Links for 2016-07-06

  • Raintank investing in Graphite

    paying Jason Dixon to work on it, improving the backend, possibly replacing the creaky Whisper format. great news!

    (tags: graphite metrics monitoring ops open-source grafana raintank)

  • conventional-changelog-atom 502 Bad Gateway · Issue #13284 · npm/npm

    npm down for most of the (EU) day. What a shitshow

    (tags: npm fail javascript dependencies coding)

  • Camille Fournier’s excellent rant on microservices

    I haven’t even gotten into the fact that your microservices are an inter-dependent environment, as much as you may wish otherwise, and one service acting up can cause operational problems for the whole team. Maybe if you have Netflix-scale operational hardening that’s not a problem. Do you? Really? Is that the best place to spend your focus and money right now, all so teams can throw shit against the wall to see if it sticks? Don’t sell people fantasies. This is not the reality for a mid-sized tech team working in microservices. There are enough valuable components to building out such a system without the fantastical claims of self-organizing teams who build cool hack projects in 2 week sprints that change the business. Microservices don’t make organizational problems disappear due to self-organization. They allow for some additional degrees of team and process independence and force very explicit decoupling, in exchange, there is overall system complexity and overall system coordination overhead. I personally think that’s enough value, especially when you are coming from a monolith that is failing to scale, but this model is not a panacea.

    (tags: microservices rants camille-fournier architecture decoupling dependencies)

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