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Links for 2016-08-03

  • Exit Scam Survival Guide : Buttcoin

    Bitcoin lols:

    Honesty is most important. Be sure to carefully explain that (excluding the mountain of evidence to the contrary) there was no way to foresee the [Bitcoin] exchange hacking. Practice phrases like, “this operation was the most trustworthy exchange running out of a vacant building in Singapore” and “no we can’t just call the exchange, they don’t have a phone number”. If your significant other criticizes your decision to buy cryptocurrencies, be sure to fall back on technical merits of cryptocurrencies. Mention, “it’s backed by math” and “[insert cryptocurrency here] didn’t fail, people failed”.

    (tags: bitcoin buttcoin lol funny cryptocurrency security exchanges)

  • Prepaid Data SIM Card Wiki

    awesome resource.

    This WIKI collects information about prepaid (or PAYG) mobile phone plans from all over the world. Not just any plans though, they must include good data rates, perfect for smartphone travellers, as well as tablet or mobile modem users.

    (tags: data mobile travel sim prepaid payg)

  • awyisser

    ‘aw yiss comic generator’. AW YISS

    (tags: aw-yiss memes meme-generators funny kate-beaton)