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Links for 2016-08-05

  • International Olympic Committee bans GIFs

    hahaha. gtfo, IOC

    (tags: gifs animation olympics sports tv events)

  • Ratas – A hierarchical timer wheel

    excellent explanation and benchmarks of a timer wheel implementation

    (tags: timer-wheels timing-wheels algorithms c linux timers data-structures)

  • AWS Case Study: mytaxi

    ECS, Docker, ELB, SQS, SNS, RDS, VPC, and spot instances. Pretty canonical setup these days…

    The mytaxi app is also now able to predict daily and weekly spikes. In addition, it has gained the elasticity required to meet demand during special events. Herzberg describes a typical situation on New Year’s Eve: “Shortly before midnight everyone needs a taxi to get to parties, and after midnight people want to go home. In past years we couldn’t keep up with the demand this generated, which was around three and a half times as high as normal. In November 2015 we moved our Docker container architecture to Amazon ECS, and for the first time ever in December we were able to celebrate a new year in which our system could handle the huge number of requests without any crashes or interruptions—an accomplishment that we were extremely proud of. We had faced the biggest night on the calendar without any downtime.”

    (tags: mytaxi aws ecs docker elb sqs sns rds vpc spot-instances ops architecture)