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Links for 2016-08-06

  • Fake Time

    ‘FakeTime is simulated time.”

    When testing RealTime software a simulator is often employed, which injects events into the program which do not occur in RealTime. If you are writing software that controls or monitors some process that exists in the real world, it takes a long time to test it. But if you simulate it, there is no reason in the simulated software (if it is disconnected from the real world completely) not to make the apparent system time inside your software appear to move at a much faster rate. For example, I have written simulators that can verify the operational steps taken by industrial controllers over a 12 hour FakeTime period, which executes in 60 seconds. This allows me to run ’12 hours’ of fake time through my test cases and test scenarios, without waiting 12 hours for the testing to complete. Of course, after a successful fakeTime test, an industrial RealTime system still needs to be tested in non-simulated fashion.

    (tags: faketime time testing mocks mocking system-tests)

  • Introducing Winston

    ‘Event driven Diagnostic and Remediation Platform’ — aka ‘runbooks as code’

    (tags: runbooks winston netflix remediation outages mttr ops devops)

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