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Links for 2016-08-16

  • The Mattress Industry is One Big Scam

    yes, yes it is

    (tags: mattresses scams buying shopping consumer)

  • Unchecked exceptions for IO considered harmful – Google Groups

    Insightful thread from the mechanical sympathy group, regarding the checked-vs-unchecked style question:

    Peter Lawrey: Our view is that Checked Exception makes more sense for library writers as they can explicitly pass off errors to the caller. As a caller, especially if you are new to a product, you don’t understand the exceptions or what you can do about them. ¬†They add confusion. For this reason we use checked exceptions internally in the lower layers and try to avoid passing them in our higher level interfaces. Note: A high percentage of our fall backs are handling iOExceptons and recovering from them. [….] My experience is that the more complex and layered your libraries the more essential checked exceptions become. I see them as essential for scalability of your software.

    (tags: exceptions java style coding checked-exceptions ioexceptions io error-handling)