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Links for 2016-09-08

  • Basetrip

    ‘All the information you need while traveling including visa requirements, currency, electricity, communication info and more.’

    (tags: travel reference visas holidays)

  • The Internet Thinks I’m Still Pregnant – The New York Times

    This is pretty awful — an accidental, careless and brutal side effect of marketers passing on sensitive info to one another, without respect for their users’ privacy: ‘I hadn’t realized, however, that when I had entered my information into the pregnancy app, the company would then share it with marketing groups targeting new mothers. Although I logged my miscarriage into the app and stopped using it, that change in status apparently wasn’t passed along. Seven months after my miscarriage, mere weeks before my due date, I came home from work to find a package on my welcome mat. It was a box of baby formula bearing the note: “We may all do it differently, but the joy of parenthood is something we all share.”’

    (tags: privacy pregnancy miscarriage data-protection apps babies parenthood)

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