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Links for 2016-09-30

  • Airflow/AMI/ASG nightly-packaging workflow

    Some tantalising discussion on twitter of an Airflow + AMI + ASG workflow for ML packaging: ‘We build models using Airflow. We deploy new models as AMIs where each AMI is model + scoring code. The AMI is hence a version of code + model at a point in time : #immutable_infrastructure. It’s natural for Airflow to build & deploy the model+code with each Airflow DAG Run corresponding to a versioned AMI. if there’s a problem, we can simply roll back to the previous AMI & identify the problematic model building Dag run. Since we use ASGs, Airflow can execute a rolling deploy of new AMIs. We could also have it do a validation & ASG rollback of the AMI if validation fails. Airflow is being used for reliable Model build+validation+deployment.’

    (tags: ml packaging airflow asg ami deployment ops infrastructure rollback)

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