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Links for 2017-02-04

  • if you aren’t safe, we’ll make noise for you

    a Dead Man’s Switch for border crossings; if you are detained and cannot make a “checkin”, it’ll make noise on your behalf so your friends and family know what’s happened

    (tags: safety borders dead-mans-switch landsafe tools)

  • “what’s the inside story on these young fascist nazis”

    Excellent explanatory twitter thread explaining where this movement came from (ie chan sites):

    “what’s the inside story on these young fascist nazis” a lot of them ended up in shock humor/lonely dude forums that nazi recruiters joined. this isn’t a fucking puzzle box, we have all the history right here. dudes ended up on various sites crossing nerdy hobbies & resentment. a buncha fucking nerds had their various dipshit teenage beefs, many starting with resentment of women, and got radicalized. “how did they end up nazis?” a bunch of real nazis whispered poison in their ears while becoming their only community, their only “friends”. they also used multiple levels of irony to make bigotry and fascism more acceptable by drowning it in “oh we’re just joking”

    (tags: nazis fascism 4chan 8chan extremism politics)

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