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Links for 2017-02-14

  • Riot Games Seek Court Justice After Internet Provider Deliberately Causes In-Game Lag

    Pretty damning for Time-Warner Cable:

    When it seemed that the service provider couldn’t sink any lower, they opted to hold Riot to a ‘lag ransom’. Following Riot’s complaints regarding the inexplicable lag the player base were experiencing, TWC offered to magically solve the issue, a hardball tactic to which Riot finally admitted defeat in August of 2015. Before the deal was finalised, lag and data-packet loss for League of Legends players were far above the standards Riot was aiming for. Miraculously, after the two tech companies reached an unpleasant deal, the numbers improved.

    (tags: ftc fcc twc time-warner cable isps network-neutrality league-of-legends internet)

  • Instapaper Outage Cause & Recovery

    Hard to see this as anything other than a pretty awful documentation fail by the AWS RDS service:

    Without knowledge of the pre-April 2014 file size limit, it was difficult to foresee and prevent this issue. As far as we can tell, there’s no information in the RDS console in the form of monitoring, alerts or logging that would have let us know we were approaching the 2TB file size limit, or that we were subject to it in the first place. Even now, there’s nothing to indicate that our hosted database has a critical issue.

    (tags: limits aws rds databases mysql filesystems ops instapaper risks)

  • ‘Software Engineering at Google’

    20 pages of Google’s software dev practices, with emphasis on the build system (since it was written by the guy behind Blaze). Naturally, some don’t make a whole lot of sense outside of Google, but still some good stuff here

    (tags: development engineering google papers software coding best-practices)

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