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Links for 2017-03-05

  • The Occasional Chaos of AWS Lambda Runtime Performance

    If our code has modest resource requirements, and can tolerate large changes in performance, then it makes sense to start with the least amount of memory necessary. On the other hand, if consistency is important, the best way to achieve that is by cranking the memory setting all the way up to 1536MB. It’s also worth noting here that CPU-bound Lambdas may be cheaper to run over time with a higher memory setting, as Jim Conning describes in his article, “AWS Lambda: Faster is Cheaper”. In our tests, we haven’t seen conclusive evidence of that behavior, but much more data is required to draw any strong conclusions. The other lesson learned is that Lambda benchmarks should be gathered over the course of days, not hours or minutes, in order to provide actionable information. Otherwise, it’s possible to see very impressive performance from a Lambda that might later dramatically change for the worse, and any decisions made based on that information will be rendered useless.

    (tags: aws lambda amazon performance architecture ops benchmarks)

  • Google’s featured snippets are worse than fake news

    omg the Obama coup one is INSANE

    (tags: google news lies fake-news obama facts)

  • The State already knew about Tuam. Nothing ever changes in Ireland

    Forensic archaeologists are combing through the soil in Tuam. Perhaps justice might be better served if forensic accountants were combing through the accounts of the Bon Secours Sisters. They sold healthy babies and let the rest to die.

    (tags: nuns bon-secours history ireland tuam-babies tuam horror)

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