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Links for 2017-04-25

  • Ireland’s Content Pool

    Bring your content to life with our free resource for positive tourism related purposes. Our image, video and copy collections show people, landscapes and the Irish lifestyle across a range of experiences including festivals, activities, cities, rural life and food.
    Interesting idea — but the licensing terms aren’t 100% clear. This would have been much easier if it was just CC licensed!

    (tags: open-data licensing ireland tourism via:damienmulley landscapes photos pictures content failte-ireland)

  • Here’s Why Juicero’s Press is So Expensive – Bolt Blog

    Our usual advice to hardware founders is to focus on getting a product to market to test the core assumptions on actual target customers, and then iterate. Instead, Juicero spent $120M over two years to build a complex supply chain and perfectly engineered product that is too expensive for their target demographic. Imagine a world where Juicero raised only $10M and built a product subject to significant constraints. Maybe the Press wouldn’t be so perfectly engineered but it might have a fewer features and cost a fraction of the original $699. Or maybe with a more iterative approach, they would have quickly found that customers vary greatly in their juice consumption patterns, and would have chosen a per-pack pricing model rather than one-size-fits-all $35/week subscription. Suddenly Juicero is incredibly compelling as a product offering, at least to this consumer.

    (tags: juicero design electronics hardware products startups engineering teardowns)

  • AWS Greengrass

    AWS Greengrass is software that lets you run local compute, messaging & data caching for connected devices in a secure way. With AWS Greengrass, connected devices can run AWS Lambda functions, keep device data in sync, and communicate with other devices securely – even when not connected to the Internet. Using AWS Lambda, Greengrass ensures your IoT devices can respond quickly to local events, operate with intermittent connections, and minimize the cost of transmitting IoT data to the cloud. AWS Greengrass seamlessly extends AWS to devices so they can act locally on the data they generate, while still using the cloud for management, analytics, and durable storage. With Greengrass, you can use familiar languages and programming models to create and test your device software in the cloud, and then deploy it to your devices. AWS Greengrass can be programmed to filter device data and only transmit necessary information back to the cloud. AWS Greengrass authenticates and encrypts device data at all points of connection using AWS IoT’s security and access management capabilities. This way data is never exchanged between devices when they communicate with each other and the cloud without proven identity.

    (tags: aws cloud iot lambda devices offline synchronization architecture)

  • Immunotherapy Pioneer James Allison Has Unfinished Business with Cancer – MIT Technology Review

    On the discovery and history of ipilimumab (trade named Yervoy), one of the first immunotherapy drugs

    (tags: ipilimumab cancer yervoy immunotherapy medicine melanoma)

  • FactCheck: No, the reported side effects of the HPV vaccine do NOT outweigh the proven benefits

    The Journal FactCheck team take a shortcut through’s bullshit

    (tags: hpv antivaxxers gardasil safety vaccination health medicine fact-checking)