Links for 2017-06-12

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  1. Simon
    Posted June 13, 2017 at 11:58 | Permalink

    My reading (and IANAL), is that Cooley (now part of Beam Suntory) got a trademark on the narrow use of “Connemara” as a whiskey, and would have been refused on a more general application, but that Conn O’Mara has applied for a general trademark, that lists whiskey as a potential application. I’m assuming that any other established products (Connemara Pale Ale?) would also have a case against him in their field.

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    ‘He now wishes to extend the [Conn O’Mara] trademark for use on beers, cider and water’ according to . I’d still think this is pretty silly.

    ‘“I have no interest in making whiskey, I just want to make a craft beer and maybe a cider,” he said. “If my bottle of beer is up on the bar and their whiskey is up on the bar, and a customer can’t tell the difference they’ve had too much already.”’

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