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Links for 2017-07-12

  • DoppioJVM

    ‘A Java Virtual Machine written in 100% JavaScript.’ Wrapping outbound TCP traffic in websockets, mad stuff

    (tags: jvm java javascript js hacks browser emulation websockets)

  • One Man’s Plan to Make Sure Gene Editing Doesn’t Go Haywire – The Atlantic

    Open science – radical transparency where gene-editing and CRISPR is involved. Sounds great.

    “For gene drive, the closed-door model is morally unacceptable. You don’t have the right to go into your lab and build something that is ineluctably designed to affect entire ecosystems. If it escapes into the wild, it would be expected to spread and affect people’s lives in unknown ways. Doing that in secret denies people a voice.”
    Also this is a little scary:
    in 2015, he was shocked to read a paper, due to be published in … Science, in which Californian researchers had inadvertently created a gene drive in fruit flies, without knowing what gene drives are. They developed it as a research tool for spreading a trait among lab populations, and had no ambitions to alter wild animals. And yet, if any of their insects had escaped, that’s what would have happened.

    (tags: science openness open-source visibility transparency crispr gene-editing mice nantucket gene-drive)

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