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Links for 2017-08-16


    Foursquare’s open source repo, where they extract reusable components for open sourcing — I like the approach of using a separate top level module path for OSS bits

    (tags: open-source oss foursquare libraries maintainance coding git monorepos)

  • GTK+ switches build from Autotools to Meson

    ‘The main change is that now GTK+ takes about ? of the time to build compared to the Autotools build, with likely bigger wins on older/less powerful hardware; the Visual Studio support on Windows should be at least a couple of orders of magnitude easier (shout out to Fan Chun-wei for having spent so, so many hours ensuring that we could even build on Windows with Visual Studio and MSVC); and maintaining the build system should be equally easier for everyone on any platform we currently support.’ Looking at it appears to be Python-based and AL2-licensed open source. On the downside, though, the Meson file is basically a Python script, which is something I’m really not fond of :( more details at .

    (tags: meson build coding dev autotools gtk+ python)

  • Matt Haughey ???????? on Twitter: “high quality LED light tape for bikes and wheels is ridiculously cheap these days”

    good thread on fitting out a bike with crazy LED light tape; see also EL string. Apparently it’ll run off a 4.5V (3xAAA) battery pack nowadays which makes it pretty viable!

    (tags: bikes cycling safety led-lights el-tape led-tape hacks via:mathowie)

  • M00N

    a beautifully-glitched photo of the moon by Giacomo Carmagnola; more on his art at . (Via Archillect)

    (tags: via:archillect art giacomo-carmagnola glitch-art moon glitch images)

  • How to shop on AliExpress

    From the aptly-named Thanks, Elliot — the last thing I needed was something to feed my addiction to cheap tat from China!

    (tags: china aliexpress dealextreme gearbest gadgets buying tat aliholic stuff)

  • TIL you shouldn’t use conditioner if you get nuked

    If you shower carefully with soap and shampoo, Karam says [Andrew Karam, radiation expert], the radioactive dust should wash right out. But hair conditioner has particular compounds called cationic surfactants and polymers. If radioactive particles have drifted underneath damaged scales of hair protein, these compounds can pull those scales down to create a smooth strand of hair. “That can trap particles of contamination inside of the scale,” Karam says. These conditioner compounds are also oily and have a positive charge on one end that will make them stick to negatively charged sections of a strand of hair, says Perry Romanowski, a cosmetics chemist who has developed personal hygiene formulas and now hosts “The Beauty Brains” podcast on cosmetics chemistry. “Unlike shampoo, conditioners are meant to stay behind on your hair,” Romanowski says. If the conditioner comes into contact with radioactive material, these sticky, oily compounds can gum radioactive dust into your hair, he says.

    (tags: factoids conditioner surfactants nuclear-bombs fallout hair bizarre til via:boingboing)

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