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Links for 2017-08-21

  • 48 Hours In Dublin

    good set of tourist tips for a foodie Dublin weekender

    (tags: dublin tourism food eating dining restaurants tips weekend)

  • Linux Load Averages: Solving the Mystery

    Nice bit of OS archaeology by Brendan Gregg.

    In 1993, a Linux engineer found a nonintuitive case with load averages, and with a three-line patch changed them forever from “CPU load averages” to what one might call “system load averages.” His change included tasks in the uninterruptible state, so that load averages reflected demand for disk resources and not just CPUs. These system load averages count the number of threads working and waiting to work, and are summarized as a triplet of exponentially-damped moving sum averages that use 1, 5, and 15 minutes as constants in an equation. This triplet of numbers lets you see if load is increasing or decreasing, and their greatest value may be for relative comparisons with themselves.

    (tags: load monitoring linux unix performance ops brendan-gregg history cpu)

  • Distilled Identity

    Gabriel recently bought a distillery in Barbados, where he says the majority of his team is of African descent. “The sugar industry is a painful past for them, but my understanding, from my team, is that they do see it as the past,” Gabriel explained. “There was great suffering, but their take is like, ‘We built this island.’ They are reclaiming it, and we are seeing that in efforts to preserve farming land and not let it all go to tourism.” I rather liked this narrative, or at least the potential of it. Slavery was appalling across the board, but countries and cultures throughout the African Diaspora have managed their paths forward in ways that don’t mimic the American aftermath. A plurality of narratives was possible here, which was thrilling to me. I am often disappointed by the mainstream perception of one-note blackness. One could easily argue the root of colonization is far from removed in the Caribbean. But if I understood Gabriel, and if he accurately captured the sentiments of his Barbadian colleagues, plantation sugarcane offered career opportunities to some, and was perhaps not solely a distressing connection to a shared global history. We chewed on this thought, together, in silence.

    (tags: history distilling rum barbados african-diaspora slavery american-history booze language etymology)

  • cristim/autospotting

    ‘Easy to use tool that automatically replaces some or even all on-demand AutoScaling group members with similar or larger identically configured spot instances in order to generate significant cost savings on AWS EC2, behaving much like an AutoScaling-backed spot fleet.’

    (tags: asg autoscaling ec2 aws spot-fleet spot-instances cost-saving scaling)

  • Going Multi-Cloud with AWS and GCP: Lessons Learned at Scale

    Metamarkets splits across AWS and GCP, going into heavy detail here

    (tags: aws gcp google ops hosting multi-cloud)

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