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Links for 2017-11-03

  • Inside The Great Poop Emoji Feud

    PILE_OF_POO in the news!

    The debate appears to be between some of Unicode’s most prolific contributors and typographers (Unicode was initially established to develop standards for translating alphabets into code that can be read across all computers and operating systems), and those in the consortium who focus primarily on the evolution of emojis. The two chief critics — Michael Everson and Andrew West, both typographers — say that the emoji proposal process has become too commercial and frivolous, thereby cheapening the Unicode Consortium’s long body of work. Their argument centers around “Frowning Pile Of Poo,” one of the emojis under consideration for the June 2018 class. In an Oct. 22 memo to the Unicode Technical Committee, Everson tore into the committee over the submission calling it “damaging … to the Unicode standard.”

    (tags: pile-of-poo emoji funny michael-everson unicode frowning-poo poo shit)

  • newrelic/sidecar: Gossip-based service discovery. Docker native, but supports static discovery, too.

    An AP gossip-based service-discovery sidecar process.

    Services communicate to each other through an HAproxy instance on each host that is itself managed and configured by Sidecar. It is inspired by Airbnb’s SmartStack. But, we believe it has a few advantages over SmartStack: Native support for Docker (works without Docker, too!); No dependence on Zookeeper or other centralized services; Peer-to-peer, so it works on your laptop or on a large cluster; Static binary means it’s easy to deploy, and there is no interpreter needed; Tiny memory usage (under 20MB) and few execution threads means its very light weight

    (tags: clustering docker go service-discovery ap sidecar haproxy discovery architecture)