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Links for 2017-12-01

  • Sonarr

    newsgroup/torrent TV PVR automation. looks neat

    (tags: pvr tv automation usenet bittorrent)

  • South Pole Ice Tunnels – Antarctica – Atlas Obscura

    ‘One of the strangest of these monuments consists of the body of an atrophied White Sturgeon and a handwritten account of its journey. The fish had arrived in 1992 at McMurdo Station (a US base located at the edge of Antarctica and the Ross Sea) and had been destined for a remote Russian station called Vostok. However, the Russians gifted the sturgeon to American scientists who later discarded it after it had languished uneaten in a freezer for several months. It was from the trash dump that a garbage processing crew reclaimed the sturgeon, and it then made its way from location to location across Antarctica. It finally became enshrined in the tunnels beneath the South Pole where it greets visitors from a ledge chiseled in the ice.’

    (tags: south-pole pole big-dead-place shrines funny sturgeons antarctica amundsen-scott-station mcmurdo vostok)

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