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Links for 2017-12-04

  • Bella Caledonia: A Wake-Up Call

    Swathes of the British elite appeared ignorant of much of Irish history and the country’s present reality. They seemed to have missed that Ireland’s economic dependence on exports to its neighbour came speedily to an end after both joined the European Economic Community in 1973. They seemed unacquainted with Ireland’s modern reality as a confident, wealthy, and internationally-oriented nation with overwhelming popular support for EU membership. Repeated descriptions of the border as a “surprise” obstacle to talks betrayed that Britain had apparently not listened, or had dismissed, the Irish government’s insistence in tandem with the rest of the EU since April that no Brexit deal could be agreed that would harden the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. The British government failed to listen to Ireland throughout history, and it was failing to listen still.

    (tags: europe ireland brexit uk ukip eu northern-ireland border history)

  • AWS re:invent 2017: Advanced Design Patterns for Amazon DynamoDB (DAT403) – YouTube

    Video of one of the more interesting sessions from this year’s Re:invent

    (tags: reinvent aws dynamodb videos tutorials coding)

  • AWS re:invent 2017: Container Networking Deep Dive with Amazon ECS (CON401) // Practical Applications

    Another re:Invent highlight to watch — ECS’ new native container networking model explained

    (tags: reinvent aws containers docker ecs networking sdn ops)

  • VLC in European Parliament’s bug bounty program

    This was not something I expected:

    The European Parliament has approved budget to improve the EU’s IT infrastructure by extending the free software security audit programme (FOSSA) and by including a bug bounty approach in the programme. The Commission intends to conduct a small-scale “bug bounty” activity on open-source software with companies already operating in the market. The scope of this action is to: Run a small-scale “bug bounty” activity for open source software project or library for a period of up to two months maximum; The purpose of the procedure is to provide the European institutions with open source software projects or libraries that have been properly screened for potential vulnerabilities; The process must be fully open to all potential bug hunters, while staying in-line with the existing Terms of Service of the bug bounty platform.

    (tags: vlc bug-bounties security europe europarl eu ep bugs oss video open-source)

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