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Links for 2018-04-11

  • Uses This / Leonard Lin

    lhl describes the stuff he uses, day to day. Lots of travel gear, drones, Linux and a surprising lack of Macs

    (tags: travel shopping hardware gear uses-this lhl drones vr linux vive chromebook tips)

  • #Repealthe8th | Are the Irish Media Up To The Job?

    For years we were subject to speculation and debate about the emergence of new party in Irish politics. Endless coverage for Lucinda Creighton, Michael McDowell and whoever else. All the while, the most incredibly vibrant social movement touching every county in Ireland has emerged and the majority of journalists are unable to write about it. Media comment has concerned itself not so much with the issues but with grave concern that this is happening outside perceived boundaries of respectable politics. This is ordinary people getting together and putting a most unspeakable issue on the agenda and soon to vote – in spite of the Normal Rules. It is not just that regime journalists live in a bubble or don’t care to inform themselves. They genuinely do not understand how this campaign has played out. It is beyond their entire conception. This is what happens when your idea of politics only extends to the ritual of posters on lamp posts.

    (tags: media ireland politics political-correspondents oireachtas-retort analysis society marref repealthe8th)

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