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Links for 2018-05-29

  • _Random Slicing: Efficient and Scalable Data Placement for Large-Scale Storage Systems_, ACM Transactions on Storage, July 2014

    ‘The ever-growing amount of data requires highly scalable storage solutions. The most flexible approach is to use storage pools that can be expanded and scaled down by adding or removing storage devices. To make this approach usable, it is necessary to provide a solution to locate data items in such a dynamic environment. This article presents and evaluates the Random Slicing strategy, which incorporates lessons learned from table-based, rule-based, and pseudo-randomized hashing strategies and is able to provide a simple and efficient strategy that scales up to handle exascale data. Random Slicing keeps a small table with information about previous storage system insert and remove operations, drastically reducing the required amount of randomness while delivering a perfect load distribution.’

    (tags: randomness architecture algorithms storage hashing slicing scaling)

  • Archiving the 8th

    ‘archiving & collecting the 2018 referendum’:

    This site was set up as a voluntary effort to answer some of these questions, and to quickly compile information on all known archiving and collecting activities happening nationwide, on both sides of the referendum campaign. It’s still very much a work in progress but the aspirations include: to provide an immediate, temporary resource to consolidate information on who’s archiving the 8th, and offer contact details share resources and suggestions, particularly for people wishing to donate material identify potential gaps or opportunities in collecting support networking of folks around the country engaged in archiving the 8th share models of protocols and examples of other ‘rapid response’ collecting elsewhere

    (tags: repealthe8th history archives archival 2018 referenda)

  • I am a computer — docubyte

    absolutely glorious classic microcomputing GIFs

    (tags: micros computing history apple ibm gifs images art)

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