Links for 2018-07-06

  • Wifi Design Tips

    PDF with a few good tips on wifi layout, AP placement etc. Also recommended: (via irldexter)

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  • What I’ve learned from nearly three years of enterprise Wi-Fi at home

    I am happy to note that I’ve grown out of this kind of pain (I think)….

    Do you just want better Wi-Fi in every room? Consider buying a Plume or Amplifi or other similar plug-n-go mesh system. On the other hand, are you a technically proficient network kind of person who wants to build an enterprise-lite configuration at home? Do you dream of VLANs and port profiles and lovingly tweaked firewall rules? Does the idea of crawling around in your attic to ceiling-mount some access points sound like a fun way to kill a weekend? Is your office just too quiet for your liking? Buy some Ubiquiti Unifi gear and enter network nerd nirvana.

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  1. Nix
    Posted July 8, 2018 at 13:46 | Permalink

    I’m about to move away from UniFi, because the Turris Omnia appears to have much more customizability with added free software and state-of-the-art bufferbloat avoidance, plus lots of NICs and a distinctly powerful general-purpose computer that can do all your network-facing stuff for you, without needing a massive bloated Java controller, even more massive horrible MongoDB installation, and near-total lack of scriptability due to a complete absence of docs for the controller/UniFi protocol. (Plus, it does 5GHz, and if you want 5GHz with UniFi gear you are suddenly paying half as much as the Turris Omnia for a box that only does WiFi, and last I heard they are doing almost nothing on the bufferbloat front, even when given patches that do all the work, which is fairly bad for a wifi-focused company. They are literally half a decade behind the latency-avoidance state of the art by this point.)

    You do lose the mesh stuff, but UK houses are compact: I never needed the meshing anyway. (Also, I need the Turris in any case: my existing Soekris net5501 is getting extremely aged now…)

  2. Posted July 9, 2018 at 10:35 | Permalink

    wow that sounds very cool. I may have to upgrade once I’ve sorted out my replacement HTPC box….