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Links for 2018-07-13

  • Facebook’s new rules for moderators on dealing with far-right pages are awful

    This is a total shitshow. Facebook needs to sort this out, it is not remotely desirable.

    Facebook: “We allow to call for the creation of white ethno-states.” In other words, Facebook is officially ok with people calling for ethnic cleansing and genocide. The time for Facebook to hire/consult with experts re: the far-right was about three or four years ago. That they now *agree* with the rationale of Alt-Reich rebranding in 2018 shows that this company is simply not fit for purpose. […] t’s quite something that Facebook’s advice to their moderators literally mirrors Nazi propaganda: “Being interested in and caring for one’s kind is not to disparage foreign peoples and races”- Nazi party pamphlet “Why the Aryan Law?” (1934)

    (tags: facebook awful moderation far-right nazis fascism ethnic-cleansing genocide social-media fail)

  • How my research on DNA ancestry tests became “fake news”

    I was not surprised to see our research twisted by fake news and satire websites. Conspiracy theories are meant to be just as entertaining as they are convincing. They also provide a way out of confronting reality and reckoning with facts that don’t confirm preexisting worldviews. For white nationalists and racists, if test results showed traces of African American or Jewish ancestry, either the tests did not work, or the results were planted by some ideologically motivated scientists, or the tests were part of a global war against whites. With conspiracy theories, debunking is rarely useful because the individual is often searching for an interpretation that confirms their prior beliefs. As such, DNA conspiracy theories allow white supremacists to plan new escape routes for the traps they laid for themselves long ago. With DNA testing, the one-drop rule—a belief made law in the 1900s that one drop of African blood makes one Black—becomes transmuted genealogically into the one-percent rule, according to which to remain racially white, an individual’s results must show no sign of African or Jewish origin. Through the genealogical lens, American white nationalists consider “one hundred percent European” as good results, which in turn substantiates their “birth right” to the United States as a marker of heredity and conquest.

    (tags: racism science fake-news conspiracy genealogy dna dna-testing)

  • Second Wind CPAP

    Second-hand CPAP machines — decent prices here, recommended by @Searcher on FP

    (tags: cpap second-hand appliances)

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