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Links for 2018-10-23

  • pusher/k8s-spot-rescheduler

    ‘Tries to move K8s Pods from on-demand to spot instances’:

    K8s Spot rescheduler is a tool that tries to reduce load on a set of Kubernetes nodes. It was designed with the purpose of moving Pods scheduled on AWS on-demand instances to AWS spot instances to allow the on-demand instances to be safely scaled down (By the Cluster Autoscaler). In reality the rescheduler can be used to remove load from any group of nodes onto a different group of nodes. They just need to be labelled appropriately. For example, it could also be used to allow controller nodes to take up slack while new nodes are being scaled up, and then rescheduling those pods when the new capacity becomes available, thus reducing the load on the controllers once again.

    (tags: k8s kubernetes aws scaling spot-instances ops)

  • LiV Pi

    Air quality sensor board for Raspberry Pis, with a good quality self-calibrating NDIR CO2 sensor

    (tags: co2 air quality monitoring metrics health home raspberry-pi hardware to-get)

  • Motorola and iFixit—A Match Made in Mobile

    This is awesome.

    Motorola is setting an example for major manufacturers to embrace a more open attitude towards repair. If you’re a Motorola customer, you can now either send in your broken device directly to Motorola for repair—or you can fix it yourself with the highest quality parts and tools, plus a free step-by-step guide, all included in our official Motorola OEM Fix Kits.

    (tags: motorola repair ifixit hardware mobile)

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