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Links for 2018-11-07


    A neat kragen hack:

    Report wireless signal strength using audio synthesis. This quick kludge is useful for figuring out where the dead spots in your wireless network coverage are. They’re where the pitch goes high and maybe you start getting clicks from audio buffer underruns. Example audio output can be found at . This is based on a brilliant hack by Seth Schoen, in which he generated a tone controlled by the signal strength indication from his wireless card in order to get a sort of 21st-century software Theremin. This adds some envelope modulation so that it’s useful as a network diagnostic tool rather than a musical instrument. It depends on PulseAudio and the interface to the usual set of Linux commands: pacat, ping, and iwconfig. (I should really just read /proc/net/wireless instead of depending on iwconfig.)

    (tags: kragen wifi scanning audio sound signal linux)

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